12 months, 12 projects, one crazy idea.

For 2018, I'm taking on a big experiment - to produce 12 entirely new works of artificial-intelligence (AI) infused art in 12 months.

AI represents a new set of possibilities for artists, an entirely new medium for creating pieces that connect, represent, and make us question and understand the world around us.

This year, I'll be diving in headfirst into understanding what that can mean, and where it might take us - and I'll be making the entire journey in public.

Please follow along on Youtube, where I'll be vlogging updates and ideas, my blog, where I'll be writing about the process, or the podcast which will be much like Youtube, but without having to see my face.

You can also keep up to date by getting on my mailing list - I'll send emails out every week or two with the latest, or by simply checking back here on AIandArt.com - I'll post links to all of them here.

I look forward to exploring and experimenting throughout the year - but even more for sharing it with you, hearing your thoughts, and journeying together. To the journey!